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The foundation is the most important part of a home. However, the performance of any foundation is deeply dependent on soil conditions and topography of the lot. When a home or building experiences differential settlement, a foundation stabilization technique known as underpinning may be recommended. Underpinning is a process by which a deep foundation system is installed to support an existing foundation. If you are experiencing any of the following, your home may need underpinning:

  1. Uneven floors
  2. Cracked foundation walls
  3. Gaps around windows
  4. Cracked drywall
  5. A leaning chimney
  6. Doors and windows that are hard to open

Underpinning stops settlement in its current state and prevents future settlement from occurring. Helical piles are the most common way that we underpin foundations today, as they are a quick, unobtrusive, and cost effective.

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