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Shoring and Leveling

Having leveled over 700 homes throughout New Jersey, Hale Built Group has become familiar with all the nuances that come along with shoring and leveling a structure. Over time, especially in coastal areas, foundations tend to settle, crack, heave, or sink. This natural process is known as differential settlement. Your home may be experiencing the effects of differential settlement if you are noticing:

  1. Uneven floors
  2. Cracked foundation walls
  3. Gaps around windows
  4. Cracked drywall
  5. A leaning chimney
  6. Doors and windows that are hard to open

Hale Built will work hand in hand with a design professional of your choice to develop a solution that is appropriate for your home. Different techniques will be used depending on the original foundation type. Whether you have a concrete slab foundation, a crawl space, a pier and beam foundation, or a basement, we have the proper equipment, insurance, and experienced crew to bring your home back to life. Call us today to find out how our start as a house raising company has made us one of the best house leveling companies in the business.

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