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Joist and Girder Repair
Sagging joists and girders can cause a host of problems including uneven floors, cracked drywall, and doors and windows that are hard to open.
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Helical Piers
As structural experts, we have extensive experience with deep foundation systems. Helical piers have quickly been gaining momentum as an accessible, affordable alternative to traditional timber piles.
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Push Piers
As we have gained experience installing deep foundation systems, push piers have emerged as a competitive choice for certain types of foundation repair in New Jersey.
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A crawl space is an often undervalued and overlooked part of a home. Hale Built Group now proudly offers crawl space encapsulation and crawl space waterproofing.
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When a home or building experiences differential settlement, a foundation stabilization technique known as underpinning may be recommended. Underpinning is a process by which a deep foundation system is installed to support an existing foundation.
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Shoring and Leveling
Having leveled over 700 homes throughout New Jersey, Hale Built Group has become familiar with all the nuances that come along with shoring and leveling a structure. Over time, especially in coastal areas, foundations tend to settle, crack, heave, or sink.
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