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Joist and Girder Repair

Sagging joists and girders can cause a host of problems including uneven floors, cracked drywall, and doors and windows that are hard to open. In our experience, joist and girder problems can usually be attributed to one of three main causes:

  1. Settlement
    When supporting soils below a structure change or move, foundation settlement occurs. Sandy soils in coastal regions further complicate the issue. Settlement is a natural process that produces noticeable cracks in the foundation as well as sagging joists and girders.

  2. Weakening
    Common problems such as termites, moisture, and rot can wreak havoc on structural wood. When weakening occurs, the source problem must first be addressed to ensure a lasting structural repair.

  3. Inadequate Supports
    Building standards are constantly evolving. If you have an older home, you may notice that the support system does not adhere to current guidelines. Joists that are spaced too far apart inadequately supported girders are a common cause of uneven floors in older homes.

If your home is exhibiting any of these symptoms, the joists and girders may need repair. We have experience repairing, replacing, and adding structural support beams in a huge variety of environments including extremely low overhead crawl spaces. Call us today to find out how our house raising experience has taught us how to expertly repair joists and girders.

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