Our Approach

Approach and Process

At Hale Built, we believe in solutions, not sales. We have refined our comprehensive approach through our extensive experience in house raising, moving, and structural repair. Most importantly, understanding the problem’s root cause before making a repair is vital to ensuring the structural framework will last a lifetime. The structural design is as important as the workmanship. By considering design first, we ensure that our proposals are based on the actual repair that you will be receiving. We aim to capture as much work scope as possible to minimize field changes during construction. Our goal at Hale Built to focus on providing our customers with the most thoughtfully designed repair coupled with the most affordable solution for your foundation repair. At Hale Built transparency between you and us is paramount. You might be delighted to find us offering a better solution for a better price, we do not sell you something you don’t need and are the first to let you know when you don’t need our services at all. Many of our contemporaries are sales driven, Hale built is solutions driven.

What really separates Hale Built from the pack is our background. We are first and foremost structural specialists. As hand in hand services, we now offer crawl space encapsulation, crawl space insulation, crawl space waterproofing, dehumidifiers, and basement waterproofing to polish your project.

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